The Comedy of Life

Life, you see my friends, is truly a humorous condition. If you could look at your life as though it were an old time silent movie with all of the gestures exaggerated and subtitles under each episode, you would then be able to see your life’s dream in its true form. It is a movie on your particular screen for your particular understanding and entertainment. You can be an actor, totally lost in the drama of your existence, or you can also be in the audience watching the drama, understanding what there is to understand in each situation and finding the comedy and the laughter that is inherent in the ridiculous assumption that a soul could take on a heavy chemical body and move about and find the importance of things like money, possessions, homes and all of the trappings of your society, when the only important things are love, compassion and service to others. Can you not find the humor of your own thoughts? When you find your mind too much with your worldly goods and ideas, step back, my friends, and watch the action as though it were on a movie screen, have a good laugh and feel refreshed in the knowledge that you are beginning to truly understand the nature of your existence on planet Earth.

Quelle: L/L Research


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