When an effort to serve seems amiss

When an effort to serve seems amiss, we simply suggest that the self take a very deep breath, in and out, in and out, and begin coming back from the details of the tangle to the truth that lies beneath the tangled surface of the waves of life. Picture the surface of your life as the choppy waves that seem to crash upon the shore, and know that deep within you, the truth of your being is as the liquid core of the Earth itself: calm water, quiet, deep, powerful, infinite and strong. This is your nature. This is your very essence. You are love. As you allow the surety of this one Thought to pervade your being, feel all concerns drop away leaving only the flame of spirit, only that love which created all the worlds that are and all that shall ever be.

Q’uo, May 4, 2003

Original: L/L Research


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