Consoling thoughts for a new year

Happy New Year an alle von euch!

Mit einigen Gedanken von Q’uo, die, falls notwendig, helfen, auch zu einem tröstenden Abschluss oder Rückblick auf Vergangenes zu finden.

Liebe und Licht und ein spirituell starkes 2017!

Euer Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag


It may be that there will be a day, there will be a week, there will be a month, or there will be a year in which one cannot honestly say to oneself that one’s whole heart is in one’s service. Upon these occasions, it is well to be consoled. It is well to realize that in order to serve, the self must be gathered to itself. And this very often requires moments of rest. It requires pulling back, and without judgment allowing the self to follow that which it finds diverting; allowing the self to seek solace where solace may be found. The very act of making this allowance is itself a spiritual act of very great significance, for in that gesture, one acknowledges also that one still abides, that one still is upon the path, that one still has set the intention to be of service to others…

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