To learn how to love under all circumstances

Von unserem englischen Blog, und natürlich von L/L Research: Ein Auszug aus Hatonns aktuellster Botschaft (März 2016). Vollständig steht sie im L/L Research Archiv auch auf Deutsch, Französisch (demnächst), Spanisch und Russisch zur Verfügung.
Wir wünschen euch viel Freude und Erkenntnisse beim Lesen!


Group question: Our question today deals with the idea of pre-incarnative planning and people experiencing the catalyst they need to learn their personal lessons. How can we reconcile the idea that people experience what they need for their personal growth with our desire to serve and relieve other souls of their suffering? Is there a line between allowing people to learn their lessons versus attempting to relieve a person of their suffering?

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn and come in the name of Jesus, the Christ, to speak through this instrument and we are most grateful to be invited by your group this afternoon.

We have been chosen to respond to this query, for it is one which deals with our specialty, which is the quality that you call love—unconditional and all compassionate love. We feel that this is a most salient query, for it is one which each…

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