Participating in the central mystery

Aus einer der aktuellen L/L Research-Channelings (2016) mit einer Botschaft von „Das Prinzip von Q’uo“



… Now this quality of being unknown is what we have sometimes called the quality of mystery. And it is mystery which characterizes as best as we have been able to discern, the One Creator in its undistorted self. But we would also like to suggest that the mystery of which we speak is a mystery which resonates down through every distortion, every facet, and every iota of the creation. This mystery is available for participating in, and to our experience, limited though it may be, love is always the most eloquent, the most searching, and the most fulfilling way of participating in the one central mystery which is the Creator Itself.

And so, in the infinitesimally articulated experiences, down through all the densities, and in manner upon manner of creaturely existence, beyond the wildest imagination of any particular creature, there is available the possibility of taking up a direct…

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