The Confederation of Planets on Reiki and related healing techniques (I)

Bald werden wir auch eine deutsche Version dieser Serie machen, aber hier schon mal vorab der erste (englische) Teil zum Thema „Das Bündnis der Planeten über metaphysische Heilung, insbesondere Reiki“


Metaphysical, spiritual or energy healing – and one of its most known forms, Reiki – is a subject which is very often touched upon in the  messages of the Confederation of Planets channeled by L/L Research.  In a small series of blog post we’ll present some of the outstanding extraterrestrial views on this topic.

We’ll  start off with quotes from a Q’uo session from 1990, six years after the Ra contact had ended during which a lot of information about the principles of metaphysical healing was given.  In another sesseion later Q’uo (The Principle of Q’uo in most cases consists of Hatonn, Latwii and Ra, three extraterrestrial population from density four, five and six.) states that both, Reiki and Ra’s descriptions, are congruent with each other. But in this first post about Reiki and related healing techniques we’ll begin with quoting from a full session on Reiki, which starts…

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