1 The knowledge of the Creator

Jetzt auch auf Englisch erschienen: Unsere kleine Einführung ins Thema Meditation. Die Texte beruhen in der Regel auf Hatonn-Botschaften vor dem Ra-Kontakt. Vielen Dank an L/L Research fürs Channeln und kostenlos Zur-Verfügung-Stellen!


Through your meditations you may obtain great lessons. The first and the greatest of all is that of love and what can be obtained through this love.

Through love you receive all your faith and through your faith, your desires to serve the Creator in which way that you have chosen.

When looked upon in the right manner there is no other force in your universe that can possess more teachings for your effort.

It is within this means that you are to share with the others the knowledge of the Creator and of His creation. You shall learn and come to a greater understanding of all creation.

With meditation, individually and with others, you may gain the knowledge in which you seek to serve and the knowledge of the Creator to serve.

in Meditation (Initiation series Vol. II)
coming soon

based on a message from the entities of Hatonn,
spoken on June 2, 1974 through L/L Research

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